Black Hole2
Workshop rollout

- Bringing common sense back to software development -

It is quite important to roll out the methodology in both directions: top down and bottom up. This is why we have developed several versions of the workshop:

1- An executive version which takes around one to two hours

2- A middle management version which takes 3 to 4 hours

3- A working level version (non managers and first level managers) which spans between 16 and 24 hours

We can also customize a version of the workshop that suits your needs.

The proposed methodology can coexist with any process being followed, and although the process modifications are limited and are more like reinterpretations of existing process practices, it is imperative that all levels of management understand and support the spirit of the methodology. The participation of project managers is a must.

In addition, up and down dialogue can speed up the adaptation of the methodology to specific local conditions.

In order to achieve the significant gains (cost and quality) inherent to the proposed methodology, collaboration between all levels of management is essential.

This will lower the incidence of contradictory directions of the staff.

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