Black Hole2
Software black holes

- Bringing common sense back to software development -

As mentioned earlier, a software black hole is an area of the software where defects are concentrated. This concentration of defects results in a functional instability area, analogous to a pole in linear systems or a black hole in physics. When the software execution nears the pole or black hole, more errors occur and ultimately the software may crash.

Exercising the software in the neighborhood of a pole or black hole will maximize the error rate and maximize testing productivity. The same is true for any other software development activity, such as requirement reviews, design reviews, code reviews, etc.

The key to shortening development time and reducing cost is to accelerate debugging, namely to move curve A to curve B below. Driving software development by using our methodology is a powerful engine to achieve this goal.

Release time vs quality5

Using our methodology will effectively provide  project managers with a choice between three alternatives:

  1. Advance release time with the same quality level as with the old methodology
  2. Improve software quality while leaving the release time unchanged
  3. Make any market driven intermediate decision.
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