Black Hole2

- Bringing common sense back to software development -

The proposed methodology has been developed and refined during more than two decades and applied multiple times to the implementation of field grade software and systems. In each case, significant gains in quality and/or cost have been achieved. The methodology has been particularly useful to improve and maintain customer satisfaction. Isaac Levendel has both implemented the methodology in the projects he managed and coached others to do so.

The approach has been well received at large, and the author has received a European Industry award for software manufacturing breakthrough.

Isaac Levendel has more than 30 years of experience in all aspect of computer and telecommunication systems development, from hardware to software, from systems engineering to field application and manufacturing, through all the phases of product development. He has led and managed large development teams through innovative discontinuities as well as through the delivery of finished products. His career has been centered on productivity and quality improvements during development and manufacturing. He is recognized internationally in the area of system reliability and availability.

He has extensive experience in breakthrough consulting.

Isaac Levendel holds a PHD in CS/CE

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