Black Hole2
Basic workshop

- Bringing common sense back to software development -

Black hole driven software development

Once the existence of the software black holes is recognized, one must change the way one approaches software development. This workshop, based on more than 25 years of software development experience and held many times in various industries, evolved from a workshop about testing to a workshop encompassing all the phase of the development process. It boils down to “How do we detect, pinpoint and eliminate software black holes along all the phases of the software development process?”

The answer to this generic question can be facilitated by understanding first how to apply this concept to testing.

Once we understand the answer, the whole development process can be viewed as the disintegration of software black holes that can appear anywhere along the development process, systems engineering, software architecture, software design, software implementation, software reviews and even software testing.

Black Holes02

Workshop Outline

  1. A new software theory: software black holes
  2. The role of testing in the light of software black holes
  3. Understanding software data and using common sense
  4. Test program architecture and test program metrics: the role of engineering judgment
  5. Case study #1
  6. Reporting the results and test data architecture; field readiness
  7. Lesson learned
  8. Real life exercise
  9. Extension of the Black Hole concept to the entire software development process
  10. An ultra-agile software development process: the role of fast iteration around software black holes and across development phases
  11. Case study #2
  12. Conclusions
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